Practice Page

Bor Bor—

  • believes artist bios are stupid and boring, and that no one reads them anyway.
  • lives with Jasper—a one-eyed dog of dubious ancestry and unstable temperament.
  • believes the dirtier your car, the less likely it is to be stolen.
  • pretends spiders don’t creep him out.
  • loves brainstorming and has started more than 173 idea notebooks—which he can never find. But that’s okay, because he’s not all that good at follow-through anyway.
  • believes his best ideas come to him in his sleep, so he should get paid for naps, right?
  • doesn’t understand why anyone would ingest anything green—unless it’s St. Patty’s day. Then we’re just talking cupcakes with green frosting and dyed beer.
  • only does a weekly cartoon because more than that would cut into his nap time.
  • has learned the hard way that little rattlesnakes don’t necessarily have rattles. FYI fun-fact: when born, (and yes, rattlesnakes are live bearers) a rattlesnake has a button instead of a rattle and doesn’t make warning sounds if you get too close. But baby rattlesnakes do have venom. Bor Bor learned that camping. And speaking of camping …
  • now knows that putting a rock from the campfire, wrapped in cloth, at the bottom of your sleeping bag to keep your feet warm, is a bad idea. You always read about people doing that in books. They make it sound so reasonable. Ever tried it? DON’T. Hot rocks and polyester DO NOT MIX. An hour after nighty-night there will be a Whoomph sound, and your new sleeping bag will go up like an exploding gas main.
  • doesn’t like camping anymore.

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