I don’t know how this contact form actually works–whether it will send an email to my address or just show up on my dashboard.  So if you fill out the contact form, and I don’t respond–please leave a comment somewhere on the blog (this page or any page) telling me that you filled out the contact form.  Then I’ll be able to backtrack and figure out where to find them.


3 responses to “Contact

  1. Great header – how did you make it???

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    • Thanks for kudos 🙂 It took me a while to decide what to do and lots of people on the community pool helped me choose the color scheme.

      I sketched out the header layout, then after drawing the characters (and everything except the text) in black ink, I scanned them into my computer and added the color using Photoshop. The text is done in Photoshop (because I stink at hand lettering). By doing two, overlapping text layers (one in yellow and another in white) I could erase part of the yellow layer down to expose the white. Then I saved it as a jpeg and uploaded it through my media library. Of course, I chose a theme that allowed the option of a header image and I had to be careful about the themes restrictions on header size (as in pixels). That’s it.


  2. Hi! I filled out the contact form but haven’t received an answer, could you E-Mail me at: Thank you! Best, Katarina


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