Golden Eggs

Chicken eggs crilon

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  1. hahahaha, nice one!

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  2. Wow, forgive my potential ignorance but this may already be true. Though, I highly doubt if the mother hen would do the painting herself.

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  3. This may be one of those situations where a joke doesn’t translate well across cultural boundaries. The cartoon is a play on the phrase, ‘Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.’ (Which, now that I think about it, may not be a universal phrase.)

    The first part of the joke is that the hen is painting her eggs golden so the farmer will think they are really gold and won’t do away with her. She is also implying that the goose never really laid golden eggs, either, but just fooled the farmer by painting her eggs, too.

    Of course, there is another saying, ‘If you have to explain a joke, it wasn’t all that funny to begin with,’ which may be applicable to a lot of my cartoons, including this one.

    And if you were making a joke about my joke, it went right over my head. But that’s a pretty low bar (metaphorically speaking.) 😀

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    • I was making a “joke” about your cartoon! Don’t worry, the golden egg parable is pretty universal. I was doing a poor joke on the current state of making fake everything. Especially food can be so gimmicky in the markets. I’ve had a lot of fruit and veg in the last five years or so ( and come to think of it, some funny eggs with questionable yolk ) that get green or other such paint slathered on them ( like a mango painted yellow ) that a golden egg would seem totally normal.

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      • Soooo sorry that I missed the joke on the joke (my deeply embarrassed bad) 😦

        I haven’t noticed the painted fruit and veggie thing (or it’s been to subtle for me to notice), but yuck! What–pesticides, E-coli, and Salmonella aren’t enough? Now we’ve got to worry about Chromium-yellow, too? I can’t eat anything now 😉

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  4. thedoodlingdino

    Love your comics. Great stuff!

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  5. It’s worth a shot! You are so creative- I wish I had half your sense of humor!