The Vultures

Vulture on crutches copy

Sorry I forgot to post last week. I’m fighting a terrible case of spring fever.


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  1. Ha ha! Very original! I hope you get well soon.


    • Thank you, that is so sweet of you.

      But actually, I’m fine. ‘Spring fever’ is a colloquialism for ‘Yippy-skippy, the ice and snow are finally gone and I’m spending every spare second outside.’ Since I am also tech challenged, I can only be on the net when I’m inside. That whole ‘internet on the phone thing’ is beyond my piddly abilities.

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      • Ha ha, great to learn something new! In defence of my ignorance, we have no spring where I live! I’m boiling here at around 34 degree Celsius already! I also prefer to not do the whole internet on the phone thing as it allows me to have some peace instead of a notification ring going off every minute of the day.
        Enjoy your time outside! Hope it inspires some new nature-based cartoons!

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        • Wow, that’s hot! You have my sympathies. Though a month ago, when it was minus 15 degrees Celsius, here, I was wishing for that kind of heat.
          And, ‘yes’, being outside–especially running, now that I can run outside without slipping on a patch of black ice and accidentally wind up doing the splits, has given me LOTS of new cartoon ideas. Come to think of it–that’s a new cartoon, right there (the dangers of trying to run on ice, hmmmm…)

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  2. LOL! This one is great. 🙂

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  3. Never thought you could make vultures cute, until now. Great cartoon. 🙂

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  4. This one was worth the wait! Love it!

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