I think my surgeon …

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Actually, he didn’t have that much personality.   Everybody I know gets a surgeon with a sense of humor–except me.   Fate or cosmic irony? 




4 responses to “I think my surgeon …

  1. I love this! More medical humour in future please! I’d rather have a humourless doctor who is good at his job than one who is chatty and isn’t good. I wouldn’t someone brutal and funny at all, like House from House M.D. !

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    • I agree–I would rather have a good surgeon than a comedian cutting on me, any day. But according to Malcolm Gladwell’s book (I think it’s Outlyers,) we’re in the minority, statistically speaking.

      According to Gladwell, the most accurate indicator of how often a doctor will get sued for malpractice, is how much patients like the doctor as a person, regardless of the doctor’s level of competence. Doctors with great bedside manners rarely get sued, while those who can’t interact well with their patients get sued all the time.

      If that’s really true, my surgeon–though I have no doubts about his skills–must get sued a lot. I kept wondering if maybe I should mention that factoid to him and suggest he take an acting class or something, but since I didn’t want him rattled while he was operating on me, I kept the advice to myself 🙂

      And thanks for the request–I’ll see what I can do about more medical humor 😀

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  2. In one part of my life I teach Japanese so origami is a major part of my life. I love the twist you have put on it but sorry to hear you needed a surgeon to inspire you. Many many thanks for taking the time to look at my photos and scribblings and for the feedback. Merry Christmas and looking forward to many more great artworks. 🙂

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    • That’s impressive! I can speak a smattering of pig-Latin but that’s as close as I come to being bilingual. (OK–and maybe a little bit of dog.) And your photographs are awesome! I hate to travel, so the closest I’ll probably ever get to most of those places is your site. Hope you have a great Christmas, too, and thanks for joining in–that’s what makes this blog stuff fun 😀

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